Saturday, March 3, 2012

finished installing my car stereo.

ok, so blog readers, you probably have been missing me. i have been busy. lately, i got 2 certifications + college and high school life all going on at once.

but you guys don't care about that, you care about the awesome things i do. well, anyone who is into audio... i have something to show you. i have been working on my car for the past month, and boy does it sound good!

  • two alpine type R 5.25" front speakers (alpine SPR-50c)
  • two alpine type R 1" ring radiator tweeters (alpine SPR-50c)
  • two alpine type S 6"x9" rear speakers (alpine SPS-619)
  • one alpine type R 12" subwolfer [4Ω+4Ω - wired down to 2Ω] (alpine SWR-1243D)
  • one power acoustik crypt 1200 (100 watt RMS per channel, 300 watt peak) 4 channel amp
    • (this drives the tweeters, front speakers, and rear speakers)
  • one alpine PDX-M6 (620 watt RMS, infinite peak wattage)
    • (this drives the subwolfer, which is wired down to 2 ohm)
  • one absolute 2 farad capacitor.
  • 0 AWG wire from the battery ot the fuse block, 4 AWG wire to the pdx-m6 and 6 AWG to the crypt 1200.

the sound is amazing... the bass hits hard and shakes all the mirrors and anything loose in the car. however it does not overpower the mids and highs. the back seat is a bit more bass heavy as i have the type S speakers, which can not keep up with the type R's.

this was a two step upgrade, originally i had 6 AWG running to a fuse block, then 8 awg wire running to the crypt, and all i had were the type S speakers. the crypt probably isn't pushing 100 watts rms, and it gets a lot of distortion when its turned up... it just can't keep up (however, for the money, its a GREAT amp). so im looking at getting type R 6"x9" deck speakers and PDX-F4.
anyway, now i have 0 gauge wire running to the back which is then split into the amps. the system is fused at the battery, at the fuse block, and then at the amp its self.

ill make a video giving a tl;dr on how to install a system, but for now, enjoy the pictures.

alpine type R 12" in ported box.

alpine PDX-m6 left and crypt 1200 right.

amps and capacitor mounted to a custom made
carpeted panel that attaches to the back of the seats.

type S speakers.

another shot of the amps / back pannel

type r 5.25" door speaker

all speakers still have the stock covers, so nothing looks out of place.

the beautiful speaker.

1" tweeter.

type S 6"x9" (top view)

the system is fused at the battery.

the fuse and battery in engine compartment.

a less red version of the above picture.
 (its not photoshoped, just a stupid camera)


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