Saturday, March 24, 2012

Evil doom power glove v.1

Ok, so sometimes i like to break away from the annoying task of pc repair / IT junk and make something awesome.
well here it is, a glove that outputs 9500 volts... which is not too bad, but awefuly painful. check out the full post for how to / technical specs!

ok. so first off, i want to make this clear, this outputs less than 0.000105 amps.  for anyone who does not deal with electricity often, that means that this is completely harmless.

ok, so enough with quelling the hatred saying this could kill someone (it can not, your argument is invalid.) you want to know how to make your own, right?

well, here is the schematic.

it is a fairly simple project, it cost about 10 dollars for the switch, led, battery holders, and a new roll of solder. the negative ion generator (what steps the voltage up from 12v to 9500v) was around 20 bucks with shipping. (links @ the bottom of the post)

view of the switch / led wiring

notes and comments about the project:
  • possibly add in a diode, as the high voltage was making its way back to the battery and causing arcing from the terminal to battery wall.
  • get a switch with leads farther apart, as there was arcing in the switch.
  • use a 12v LiPo / Li-ion battery instead of 9 volts.
  • negative ion generators are polarized, do not connect the batteries backwards!
note to any one planning on making one of these: if you use a LiPo / Li-ion, do NOT wire multiple battery packs in parallel.  just youtube lipo fire and that should give you a reason why not to.

future plans? yeah.... some kid i showed this to had the switch on and touched the 9v battery the wrong way when connecting em... and it blew up my negative ion generator. so i bought a new one, this time im making a vambrace / gauntlet with much more control over output voltage, maybe a step up transformer, and a 12v battery.

the person who sold me my negative ion generator: ebay
if he does not have one on sale, just search for '12v ion generator' but i recommend the above person, customer service was great.


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