Monday, August 29, 2011

my car went full retard.

yea... random jolt, car went out of control.... and i managed to steer it into the grass..... hopefully ill have more blog posts up in a few days.... or when i get bored.
because this is the internet, and i know everyone likes carnage (even though this isn't that bad) here you all go.

car started to swerve, i tried to counter steer, which didn't go well. the car then fish tailed, and went into the dirt. the back wheel hit a concrete block with a water cover on it. and then the front tire hit the side walk.... the car tipped about 50 degrees and i swear, my mirror almost touched the ground.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

How to remove viruses.

First off, im back from my mini vacation. so sorry about the lack of content. im back now... and boy is this a good tutorial.

alright, so first off, virus scan's SUCK! let me explain how... a virus scan tries to identify a virus based on the binary data. i don't want to get in depth with how it does this, but just know that it uses the binary data to compare the file to the signature in the virus data base. so all the hackers out there said to themselves... "wait, if i just modify the virus, then the virus scan will be useless"... and they were right!
there is a tool known as a cryptor that will encrypt the virus and hide it inside of an exe... this will look clean to the virus scan, but when ran, it will put the encrypted virus into your ram, decrypt it, and then run it from the ram its self. because it never touches the hard drive, it will never be checked by the virus scan. then you end up with a virus... which sucks for you.

so, in this tutorial, you will learn two things:
  • how to avoid viruses.
  • how to remove them if you already have one.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

custom windows themes.

To be honest, linux has to be my favorite operating system. i get asked why a lot, and the answer is simple, i want my computer to look and behave how i want! the only problem is, due to my gaming addiction, and my work.... i cant always use linux. well, i have a windows 7 boot as well due to this, and i HATE how it looks so cookie cutter. they only give you a few themes, and the only difference is some colors.

well, there is a solution, and its to say good bye to your stock windows files and take a step into the realm of operating system modifying.

in this post, i will show you how to get your pc to look like this: click me.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to make a bit of money using bitcoin.

Alright, well chances are if you go to any tech forum or blog, you have heard something about bitcoins. if you haven't, that's fine too.
Basically, a 'bitcoin' is an online currency. for all you economic buffs out there, its a fiat currency, which means it fluctuates with demand. This is great if your into making micro transactions... which if done correctly can lead to some good profit. (i made over $300 in a month!)