Monday, August 29, 2011

my car went full retard.

yea... random jolt, car went out of control.... and i managed to steer it into the grass..... hopefully ill have more blog posts up in a few days.... or when i get bored.
because this is the internet, and i know everyone likes carnage (even though this isn't that bad) here you all go.

car started to swerve, i tried to counter steer, which didn't go well. the car then fish tailed, and went into the dirt. the back wheel hit a concrete block with a water cover on it. and then the front tire hit the side walk.... the car tipped about 50 degrees and i swear, my mirror almost touched the ground.

no idea what caused the wheel to jolt violently, but im glad all the passengers were safe. the pictures below are the aftermath. no one was hurt, and no property damage was caused... so there was no citation, and i dont think my insurance will go up... im not involving them.(as i have a 1000 dollar deductible, and i doubt the repairs will be that high)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that bro. Glad your okay!

DesoWave said...

And this is why you shouldn't get an American car.

Kyle said...

Wow, that really sucks. Glad nobody was hurt though!

Leagueman said...

O.o damn that sucks, but like you said it could have been way worse, best of luck getting it fixed.

Moozy said...

You were just living out your crash dirby fantasies right? haha good post +follow

norbi_nw said...

sorry to hear that. But no big damage there.

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