Saturday, September 3, 2011

ideas for future tutorials?

i have a few plans on tutorials for the future.... however, i want to know what my viewer base wants to learn about.
im thinking of doing the following this month:
  • network anonymity
  • file encryption
  • part 2 of the SSH and you tutorial (using your computers shell remotely)
  • how to bypass white listed / black listed program filters.
im also thinking of starting to do some stuff on hardware, not just software... starting with simple things like how to shield RFID credit cards to prevent id theft, and possibly go into hobbyist level integrated circuit programming, like with pic micro controllers.

i want to hear about what YOU want to hear about.... so leave a comment below, say if you like the directions im looking to go in, as well as any suggestions you have. (or even request a tutorial!)


DesoWave said...

File encryption would be nice to know.

Makkura970 said...

I'd like to see all of those, in time I guess. Looking forward to them!

Godspeed2k said...

file encryption...would that also discuss encrypting data across a network? as in encrytped usernames n passwords n stuff cause thats somthing im trying to learn

Juan Lisoborsky said...

File encryption!!!!

Anonymous said...

More network anonymity please.

gog said...

protection against credit card fraud interests me, anything you could teach us about that would be much appreciated.

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