Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fun with acid!

Hello everyone!
today, we are going to play with acid!
It will make concrete bubble, hardened epoxy appear like its boiling, and skin feel like its on fire!

Im playing with acid so you don't have to. that way you guys can stay safe and not hurt yourself. in the video below, you will see what this can do to the road, it does not feel nice when it gets on your skin, so don't try this at home. i had a full face respirator on hand (with 3m 60923 filters), as well as a bucket of water to wash off any chemicals that might have splashed on me.

so now that we have seen what it can do, lets look at the chemistry behind it...
NH3(aq)+HCl(aq) ==> NH4CI(aq)
we can see here that when we mix the two chemicals, we get ammonium chloride.however, the HCL we have is not 100% HCL, its already been mixed with H2O, so the NH4CL will mix with that, and then form Cl- and NH4+


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