Monday, July 2, 2012

I became tired of having my cell phone die...

Well, i'm sure this has happened to everyone. you wake up, grab something to eat, grab your stuff and drive to work, but you forgot to charge your cellphone overnight, and now you have 12% battery and a long day of moving around ahead of you. Maybe you don’t have a wall socket you can just plug your phone into. No, your phone dies and you have a terrible day because you cant look at seeingbinary when you should be doing something productive.

Problem... solved.

Out of some spare junk laying around, i made a portable phone charger, that can charge the 3.3 volt, 1500 mAh battery with a much more powerful 12 volt battery, that can be between 1800 mah, to over 6000 mah

To make something like this is simple. first thing you will need is a 12 volt battery. eBay has CCTV batteries for around 15-30 dollars with shipping. Take your power cord and lop the end off, wire the positive to the tip of a car charger. Then wire the ground to one of the side posts (sometimes one is just a spring loaded bit of metal, and the other is the contact. So test it before you solder). tape it all up and it should be ready. Something like this costs about 40 dollars at walmart, and does not have as much juice.

with the flip of a switch, you can charge your phone on the go!


Major Mack said...

huh, very nice

filipe3x said...

you. are. out. of. your. mind.

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