Sunday, October 2, 2011

battlefield 3

i know i usually do tech tutorials....but....

first off, sorry for the lack of content. i went on vacation :p
now onto the post!

i  have to say, i downloaded the battlefield 3 demo for PC... the graphics are amazing, the destruction is awesome (and not as easy to blow stuff up as in bad company).... the controls feel perfect, and the movement is so realistic. over all, its just a great game. there are still unlocks, but you level up over all, each class levels up, and each gun 'levels up' in terms of attachments.

if you haven't played it, go download the demo for PC or console. you wont regret it.

(ps. ill get some screenshots up in a bit)


Megamanrocks said...

I've been using PP-2000. I love it. The flash suppressor makes it awesome for defense if you chill in the bushes on Metro. Runs out of ammo a bit fast. Also bee playing medic with a shotgun. Good for suppressive fire, but I feel like you should be able to kill people will the defrib pads.

Rlx said...

I'm actualy quite dissapointed of BF3..

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